Wednesday, 23 January 2019


The advantage of working together

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Intimax, intending to collaborate 360 ° with its customers and with the precise aim of raising the level of industry through times of comparison, periodically organizes accredited training events at the Ministry of Health at the ECM.

These events, reserved for Intimax customers and sponsored throughout the company, range from topical and everyday issues that every orthopedic technician faces and on whom he feels he needs to increase his knowledge through training and confrontation with colleagues.

That's why for about 4 events a year we find ourselves participating in training sessions held by the industry's "opinion leaders" (whether they are medical or orthopedic technicians), members of the production department of the brands imported by Intimax and real technicians Who take both theoretical and practical courses on the evolution of production technologies, systems of investigation and diagnosis and everything in our industry.

In addition, since January 2008, every Intimacy ECM course precedes a training meeting with leaders of leading service companies in the industry that work closely with Min.Sal. And they can comprehensively cover all aspects of the organizational and management part of the bureaucratic relationship with ASLs as well as clarify some important steps for setting up their own facilities if you are accredited as suppliers of the Ministry of Health.

Convinced of the importance of this service and consistent with the policy of excellence we want to differentiate our company more and more, we invite you from now on to every event.o.